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    As summer gets rolling, I'd love to follow up with an adventure, mystery (caper, anyone?), buddy story, or comedy, but let's be honest, I'm open to almost anything fiction genre (and would love to take a look at memoir too!). If you've got a book you'd like to get some new eyes on, please submit it for me to consider. I look forward to seeing what you've got.


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  • Flames of Fantasy and the Darkest Desires

    When the witching hour strikes true, the Night Train will call to you..
    Orphan Valeria Espinoza spends her nights dancing and enchanting men at Whispered Fantasies with her sister Catalina. Valeria has no memory of the first five years of her life, and Catalina and her parents are the only family she has ever known. Deep down, she wonders where she truly belongs. Though the Night Train whispers of a place to belong, she resists the call. One night Valeria invites a handsome stranger cloaked in desire and mystery to her room.

    Raulio Mora knows this is the girl the Goddess of Darkest Desires sent him to retrieve. His task is simple, seduce, subdue, and bring her to the Night Train.
    Valeria fails to seduce the handsome stranger, but they end up unlocking their shared past. Discovering that she is the lost princess of Synterra and he is her soul bonded warrior. Before they can leave for home, tragedy strikes and Valeria learns the fate of the world rests on her shoulders.
    She must board the Night Train, find her sacred objects, and then find and stop her mother from unleashing darkness. She teams up with the Guardians to complete her mission.

    Except no one ever gets off the Night Train. And with the Goddess of Darkest Desires wanting to rip out Valeria’s heart and claim ultimate power, Valeria’s chances are even more dismal. Will she succeed, or be swallowed whole by the seduction of the Night Train?

    About the author, Jazmyn Sunderland


    Jazmyn Sunderland is a Spanish Bilingual Education Assistant in Ohio and is the author of Flames of Fantasy and the Darkest of Desires. She writes Young Adult Fantasy to give young women the perfect excuse to lose themselves in a fantastical story. She credits books with being the reason she believes in magic.


    She is the only bilingual person in her mixed-race family due to having studied Spanish throughout high school, college and then living in Costa Rica for a year. She is passionate about travel, adventure, reading, and education. She’ll love you forever if you feed her. She is currently pursuing her Master’s degree in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages. Her love of reading led to her love of writing, and some days she thinks she likes writing just a little bit more.


    An avid reader all her life and a firm believer in magic, Jazmyn heard the call of the Night Train at the witching hour. She was tempted to board... instead, she wrote about it.

  • How does Pam's Beta Jam work?

    Authors submit their work through BetaBooks, I review submissions, and select books to make available to the 1000+ members of the group for 4-6 weeks.


    I feature books in pretty much all genres, and readers self-select according to their own reading preferences, so most authors see 5-7 readers go all the way through their book. The group isn't age-restricted, so I keep it at PG-13.


    Questions? Reach out at pamsbetajam@gmail.com

    Submission Guidelines

    • Your manuscript needs to be proofread and complete so readers can focus on the story, not be distracted by tons of typos. 
    • I accept books from any fiction genre. I’ve recently featured fantasy of various flavors, sci-fi, thriller, adventure, coming-of-age, and YA, but I’d love to expand that list! The group isn't limited by age, though, so I only accept books that are PG-13 or less (sorry, no Erotica). We've also got a lot of interest in memoir among our readership, so I'd love to take a look if you've got one.
    • Minimum length is 60K words, Max is 125K



    What is a Beta Reader?

    A Beta Reader helps an author take a look at how well their book works. Beta readers look at the big picture and give general feedback to help an author hone the story. Types of questions a beta reader can help answer:

    • Are the characters consistent?
    • What plot points or characterizations are not believable? 
    • Where does the plot bog down?
    • What scenes might not be necessary?
    • What was confusing about the plot or characters?

    Who makes a good Beta Reader?

    Anyone who is familiar enough with the genre of the book they're reading and likes to think about how to make those stories better. Are you the sort of person who notices plot holes and other inconsistencies when you watch a movie or read a book? This might be for you. It's also really cool to be part of someone's success story.


    If I join PBJ, do I need to read every book every month?

    Nope. Read what you want. I pick one or two books each month, and I aim for a variety of genres, arcs, and protagonists. If this month's selection doesn't float your boat, next month's might.

  • Testimonials

    Jessie Cal, Author of the Disarray Series

    It was soooooo helpful! They [PBJ readers] were great. They caught things that not even proofreaders caught. And many of them enjoyed it so much they asked to read book 2. Thank you so much for choosing my story. And for arranging this book club. Great provision for authors. Very encouraging.

    Avanti Centrae, Author of VANOPS: THE LOST POWER, an instant Barnes & Noble Nook #1 bestseller

    “Pam’s Beta Jam is a gold mine of five-star beta readers. I’m grateful for their insights.”

    Adam Cole, Author of A Note Before Dying

    My experience was great. I definitely got what I wanted: A sense that the book does achieve my aims. It's enormously helpful to know that I haven't missed my audience as I have revised the work.

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